Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween Pumpkin Window Clings #2

We are attempting Halloween Pumpkin Window Clings again. This time we are trying something a little different, document protectors.

Materials Needed
Document Protectors or gallon size zip lock baggies
Sheet of Paper
Red Food Dye
Yellow Food Dye
White Glue
Black Permanent Marker
Green Permanent Marker

Open a bottle of white glue or pour some in a dish and add 3 drops of red and 4 drops of yellow (for whole bottle) reduce according to the size you pour in a dish. We only used 2 drops red and 3 drops yellow for our whole bottle and we think the shade is a little light. Shake the bottle or stir. Draw your pumpkin outline on a plain piece of paper and place under the document protector.

Next we outlined our pumpkins pattern with the orange colored glue. Then we filled them in. For some reason our cheap bottle of dollar store glue didn't leak at all this time. We started with a spiral and then let is settle and filled in the holes until it was totally filled in.

Now we wait again until tomorrow and I know these will work, since my husband was able to get the ones we made on the glass frames off and they actually do stick to glass. But we will finish these completely and show you the final results. Wish us luck.

It's been 24 hours and they are totally dry now, they peel off the document protector very easily not like the glass, they are also much more soft and pliable than the ones we made on the glass, must have something to do with the plastic? Also, notice how much darker the orange color became after it dried. After you peel off your pumpkin take your permanent green marker and color in the stem.

Next with your black permanent marker, draw in your pumpkin face, it could be nice or scary whatever you please. I also drew in the crease lines and drew in lines in the stem.

See the bubbles and imperfections, I really like this effect. Now lets see how it looks on glass.

There it is sticking to the window of my car. Wow, I love it. I like how the light shows through it where the orange food coloring in the glue faded out, the food coloring seems to migrate to the outsides for some reason, but it leaves a cool effect. These actually stick better than the ones I've bought at the store for holidays. It was extremely simple to make and imagine the other shapes you could try. Happy Halloween!

Kemi and Holly Doran

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