Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fingerprint Bugs, Most Popular Post

( reposted from 2009 and just for giggles this post has been opened 80,760 times wow)

Create your own little insect garden with your inked fingerprint and a fine point marker. Easy and fun to do with your kids.

You'll need a few things to get started.

Paper (we used vellum bristol to make bookmarks)
Baby Wipes (or an old wet towel, maybe some windex)
Colored Ink Pads (or markers and waterpaint)
Black Fine Point Marker (or black pen)

Put your finger into the ink pad (or color source) and press out a nice print. Oh heck, do a lot of nice prints in many colors. Remember to wipe your finger before changing colors. The more you wipe your finger tips the better chance you have at getting the ink off before you become "dyed" for two days. Go back with the black marker and draw faces, bumps, legs and arms - don't forget the "feelers". Make them up as you go. Some will look great, some might look goofy. After you get the hang of "seeing" a bug in a fingerprint, move on to creating a garden for them to live in.

Here's a few ideas.

The Fingerprint Bugs has long been our viewers favorite post.
See the sister post on making these as bookmarks with children at our local Bookmans Stores.
Thanks so much for all the wonderful support we've received these past 5 years!
You are all such creative and beautiful people.

Peace and Happiness,
Victoria Lavender

here's the Sister post...

We are doing demonstration's at BOOKMANS again. These events are so much fun for us as well as the children who attend and craft along with us. We made bookmarks, here some we did.

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Tatia said...

Hi Victoria

I am working on a new Kids English course book and I came across your fingerprint images. I was wondering if I could use them on the cover and of course reference you or if they are for sale?

I am looking at the caterpillar,ladybird,butterfly and a flower or two.

We are a small family run business and our core business is based on English Language course books for the 50+generation. We are based in The Netherlands & Germany and are now starting to branch out into the English kids & Teen market.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Tatia

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