Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Painted Jars, Easy Peasy for Kids!

Fall is finally coming! I've seen some lovely painted mason jars, many at Pinterest. You can paint the inside or outside. Spray paint looks great on the outside, I've painted the inside of mine with craft paint. I like how the gloss of the glass is still there when you paint on the inside. This was a "no cost" project for me. I already owned some nice autumn paint colors and had a few jars and flowers too.

While shopping at Michaels, I saw a orange milk tin for sale with raffia ribbon, a label and fall toned flowers...$29.99.  I took that idea, went home and applied it to painted jars. I first painted the jars (they need to dry overnight), then created/printed some vegetable labels. I used a length of silver wire to attach the labels. I just twisted, and twisted and twisted the ends into a knot. Regular raffia tied to a knot at the jars neck. And now a little trick....paint can scrape off the inside with those sharp artificial flowers ends. Use a tissue or fabric to cover the part of the flowers you can't see. I used a baby sock.
Instead of flowers you can use sticks, grass, toys, lolly pops etc. for a more personalized look.

This is a REALLY EASY PROJECT! I hope you make some time to try this one too.

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