Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love Monsters

I just started making some monster dolls for the grandkids, some will also be Christmas presents. This project may be too difficult for a child to do alone, but as your sewing helper you'll all have some great summer fun.

Here's some loose directions

Now that you have the front roughly cut out, you can sew on a face. Mine are made with soft foam, felt and buttons. I use embroidery thread to sew on and make the monster stitching. After I've created the face, I go onto making the back of the monster. This is the part that makes this important to my grandkids.......
I use old shirts from grandpop.

Using the back of the old shirt I trace the monster once more. My grandson says the monster side scares away bad monsters and the backside (grandpop shirt) is the real hugging side.

Ok, you have enough to sew up a monster now...or you could take it up a notch and make claws, hair tuffs and add a big heart.

Sew up your doll, stuff well with love. I hope you're inspired to create!

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