Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Bat Clips

Materials Needed:
Black Foam Sheet
Sheet of paper
Googly Eyes
Black Pom Poms (not shown in photo)
Clothes Pin
Tacky Glue

Fold sheet of paper in half, then in half again. Draw your wing and body pattern as shown below. I like to put the googly eyes on the paper when I draw the body for some reason, it's not required. Make sure your body is long enough to cover an entire clothes pin. Cut your foam the same size as your folded paper. Place your pattern over the foam sheet and trace with a pencil. (Notice the thawing Brisket in the sink? Mmmm).

Now it's time to cut out your pattern and glue it to your clothes pin. Using the tacky glue, glue on your wings first as shown. The tacky glue doesn't glue instantly so you have to hold it few a few seconds, it will slide around while you work with it, but once you are finished working with your bat and leave it alone for about 10 minutes it will be nice and glued. Glue the body over the wings as shown and hold again briefly.

Now you can wait for the glue to firm up a little or go on working, it will slide around a bit, you could use a hot glue gun I suppose. Glue on the googly eyes and pom pom nose, and are finished.

Now depending on the direction you glue your clothes pin your bat will either hang upright or upsidedown. You could also glue on a magnet strip to the back of the clothes pin and use him for a refrigerator clip. I hung them from my kitchen curtain. Look how cute they are!

My daughter Holly decided to go a little further on one of her bats, here is her "bling" bat clip.

Kemi and Holly Doran

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