Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thankful Autumn Leaves

Foam Sheets to cut leaves from
OR the half price Foam Fall Leaves Activity Box from Michaels (half price 4.99)
Plastic Sticky Gemstones
Fine point Marker
White Glue
Hole Puncher

I don't usually buy pre-made kits, but this was perfect at that moment. I'd gone to Michaels to see if I could find some great fall colors in foam. I did find sticky foam sheets covered in Christmas glitter, but that will be some other project to come. This activity box was marked down to 4.99. So it's gonna be just right. I rounded up Holly and Jachob out back at the picnic table. Sequins can be just as hard to clean up as kid glitter. I pre glued a couple leaves earlier to give my grandson an idea to what we we're making today.

They simply took off. The samples were all they needed. I've collected all kinds of sequins over the years so they had quite a choice to play with. The kids helped each other and shared the glue wonderfully. Even some of my grown children came out to glue gemstones and sequins of the leaves. After the leaves had dried enough, Holly and I wrote ours (and Jachobs) thankful thoughts. Many were praises of happiness and pets and trains, and the sweetest were notes of thankfulness for Mommy and Daddy, Home and family love.

As we were putting hole punches in the end of the stems for the ribbon to pull through, we realized many of our thoughtful wishes would be hanging upside down because we forget while writing that they'll be hanging from the stem. Oh well, I still think this was a very cute and fun project to do with kids. We hung our leaves outside on the front tree branch of our mesquite tree, and these bright fall colors are wonderful outside....we don't have a traditional fall in Baja Arizona, so this is real cool!

Victoria Swanson

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vicki, love the leaves, but may I make a suggestion? How about punching the holes in the top of the leaves instead of the stem so they would hang upright instead of upsidedown? Either way they look great and fun!

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