Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Glittered Butterfly Wand

Glitter Butterfly Wand

This should be a no cost project. We’ve put together a PDF for you to print with a lovely yellow butterfly. You’ll need a few things:

PDF PRINTOUT Click here to download printout
STRAW (Strong, like a 12” Convenience Store Soda Straw)
DOUBLE SIDED TAPE (But it’s not necessary)

Carefully cut out and trim the two butterfly images.

Mount them back to back on the end of your heavy duty straw. I choose to use double sided tape to secure the butterflies to the straw. I painted white glue between the wings. Let dry. Check to make sure the wings don’t come apart while they are drying.

Glitter your Butterfly any way you want. It may help to let the front dry before starting the back.

Bend the pipe cleaner in half. Twist each end to make the antennae. With a drop of glue, stick the antenna into the top of the soda straw. Tie a pretty ribbon just under the butterfly. In most of the photos you may have notice a fancier straw. I had glued on a thread and glitter, but it crumbled under my touch. It wouldn't have worked for a child, so I removed it.

And there, we have a cute and easy enough wand for your little princess fairy.

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