Friday, April 10, 2009

My New Glitter Box

I love glitter! I have 3 buckets of glitter, Stickles, Embossing powder & glitter and glass beadies. To find the glitter, I’m always empting a bucket out on a table. (Table space? What’s that?)

While shopping at Michael’s, I noticed a nice little box filled with boxes with removable and sliding lids. Like those Tic Tac boxes. The price was $9.99. To me it seemed a little high. I bought it anyway after searching the store trying to find a less expensive substitute. The deal was set when I noticed for sale a 16 piece sample assortment of dark pigment glitters as a cellophane bag set. Ahh, my addiction! Glitter cost: $3.99. Storage box: $9.99. My husband would find this a bit suspicious.

Later that evening I filled the little boxes with the glitter assortment and a few more boxes from my current collection bucket. I think I secretly knew I was loading this box with dark pigments and that I’ll need another storage box as well for my transparent glitters. (The next week ...I bought one more.)

The lids are the greatest. They pull off to fill, or pour. But they also have a sliding hatch. I can control the flow of glitter (during use, of course) as never before. Ten of the boxes in the set are full sized and ten more are molded so there are two halves with a lid on each end.

Glitter is not a very tidy material, even with great boxes like these. Glitter is only as neat as you are. I will still have my original glitter containers in a bucket somewhere, as I will need to refill the boxes. But when I start a project now, I’ll need to just grab the one little box.

Search the internet or your favorite craft store for a nice compact way to keep your glitters portable and neat. I’ve seen boxes filled with capped jars, a cylinder set where the lids twist and stack. Many storage options are available for the crafty crafter.

Martha would say, “It’s a good thing”. I like, “Woo Hoo, Cool Beans!”.

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