Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sugar Glitter Plastic Eggs

While I was making the Glittered Eggs I realized that the transparent glitters didn’t look as nice on white eggs as I’d hoped. Sitting at the same table where I was crafting on real egg shells, I noticed my little plastic eggs that we use for the Easter hunts. And I thought again about transparent glitter. “Hey these are already colored, I bet they’d look great covered in snow or SUGAR GLITTER!

You’ll Need:
PLASTIC EGGS (this was crafted on pastel colored eggs)
WHITE GLUE (or spray adhesive)
HOLE MAKER: create holes top and bottom of egg. Use a sharp knife point, ice pick, little drill or Dremel.
CLEAR GLITTER (also called sugar or snow)
FILE (nail or Dremel)

Check your plastic eggs for their hole at the top and bottom. Some do, some don’t and mine had holes in other places than desired. Since mine where so difficult, I used my Dremel drill top and bottom to have holes where I wanted them. I also filed off the little hinge on the side of the egg. Put them on the skewer as done with the “Glittered Eggs”. Paint or spray on the glue and cover with glitter. Stick the skewer in to the Styrofoam stand to dry.

I was going to string ribbon through the holes of the plastic eggs and use as a garland. My daughter, Rachel, gave me this great big table basket and I relocated the ceramic rabbit from years ago. I think it all comes together nicely. Happy Easter!

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Clemencia said...

this is an awesome decoration, thanks so much for sharing

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