Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chocolate Sugar Glittered Cake Mix Cookies

Yum yummy!
I saw some cookies at Pinterest, and they all had in common that the were made from cake mix. 
Neato, gotta try!
My birthday was last week (just like AAA CAS Card Challenges 1st Birthday). I didn't make the 
chocolate cake mix I'd picked up- so I'm ready to rock these. Too crazy easy.

Preheat your oven to 350
Cake mix in a medium to large bowl
Add 1/3 cup vegetable oil or butter
Add 2 beaten eggs
Blend with hand mixer until the batter pulls away from the bowl cleanly (yes, it's thick)

Hand shape little balls or use a small scoop (I use a very small ice cream scoop as per Martha Stewart)
roll or dip balls into a small bowl of sugar glitter (aka Wilton Clear Sugar Sprinkles)

Place 12 balls evenly on cookie sheet (I use parchment paper- it's the bomb)
Lightly squish down the cookies one by one with the bottom of a drinking glass
Pop into the oven. You'll get 24 cookies

Watch the first tray bake a little to get an idea how much time this batch takes to cook.
It's anywhere from 7 to 12 minutes. Each cake mix box varies ever so slightly.

Remove, cool and place on cooling trays
There you are, the clean up is quick and the cookies are great!

Cheers, Victoria

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