Monday, October 13, 2008

Jake's Painted Pumpkins

Materials Needed:
Some Pumpkins!
Craft Paint
And a Kid ( or more)
Damp Rags

Wash and dry Pumpkins first so that the paint has a better chance of sticking. Wisely choose a paint station area. I chose outside near the garden hose. It’s good time to use the Kidcraft covers to protect their clothing. I didn’t paint but still got paint my clothes, I should have made myself a cover-up too. Jake was done painting rather quickly and was prepared to do no more. Oh well, there will be days like this. But I love his little pumpkin and he was fascinated with my taking the pumpkin off for it’s “photo shoot”.

Keep a couple extra pumpkins around for a quick and happy paint job when little visitors drop by.

Victoria Swanson

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