Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pencil Toppers (a simple "see and make" project)

Materials Needed:
White Glue
Pipe Cleaners
and stuffola from all over the house and yard.

This is a no-cost project, it’s a goal. My husband loves no cost projects. I’m sure you over the top crafters like me know what I am saying here…
I ransacked my junk. I found a charm from Christmas time and a crocheted snowflake. I plucked the feathers from a ladies toy fan, located some pony beads and googlie eyes and ribbon and found some new and old pencils. Everything I made was simply whipped up from my imagination. And that’s a goal I’d like your older child to try and accomplice. Abstract thinking is a great exercise for the brain. Do you remember back during your elementary school days a test that consisted of several odd flat shapes and you needed to pick the one that would fold up into a box? I remember a whole page of shapes that needed to be deciphered. Here we create something cool from loose objects.
My niece Holly created a quick pencil after I emailed this craft to my sister Kemi (she’s the one who does the web work) Please enjoy and also send us a photo of your child’s creation. It’s a great idea to keep kids busy on a sleepover night or party, and they make great gifts for friends and family.
Victoria Swanson

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