Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Foam Autumn Happy Leaves Wreath

My sister Vicki found these foam leaf cutouts at Michaels at half price $4.99. Holly and I were there just the other day and they are still selling at $4.99 a kit. The kit originally came with the leaf cutouts, googly eyes, foam stick-on bow ties and black foam smiles. Vicki used the kit for her Thankful Leaves and gave me what was left over. I got 10 leaves and the bow-ties. I decided we were going to make a wreath out of the leftovers, and I've also seen something similar at the Oriental Trading website (but yet different). We started by adding the bow-ties and googly eyes to each foam leaf and then we used glitter glue to make them smile. We left them to dry for about an hour and started to construct our wreath.

We decided to use popcicle sticks or craft sticks for the base of our wreath. We constructed an octagon as shown above. We doubled the sticks on every other side to reinforce it. Next we just glued the leaves to the base using a glue gun and tied a length of jute rope to the top attached to the popcicle stick base and tied it in a bow after we hung it. This was an easy project that used the leftovers from another project. It's very easy and looks extremely cute.

Kemi and Holly Doran

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Rene Perez said...

That is cute! Make me one. Thanks.

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