Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Licorice Wreaths

I was watching Modern Marvels, an episode on candy making, and watched how they make Red Vines Licorice. My mind was on our website and suddenly I "saw" a craft made with the licorice. This is so easy a three year old could do most of it. If they can tie a bow, they could finish the project.

Red Vines Licorice
Ribbon, red looks very good!
Pipe Cleaners to match the ribbon
Thin matching ribbon or thread
1 Bell

Optional: Spray Glitter

Take a piece of licorice and eat it. Now for the next one, cut off the tips and round out the opening. Match up 2 pipe cleaners and push through the opening all the way through the other side. End up the ends again. Twist then all together into a fat 2 inch stick, bend it over to form the eyelet area for a Christmas hook.

30 inches of ribbon (doubled makes 15") makes a nice bow. Tie on the bell with thread or thin matching ribbon with the little knot on the backside of your wreath. Optionally if you have some spray glitter, give it the once over.

You can't eat these, and I wouldn't let the kids eat the ones without glitter either. They'll dry out and crack after the season so feel free to toss these after the tree comers down. But oh so cute! Little ones will enjoy this project and feel proud of their work, they can make a gift of it to grandma too.

Victoria Swanson


Rene Perez said...

I accidentally ate all of my licorice. So I had to make the wreath out of the bag. :-(

Anonymous said...

Just remember Rene, we do not recommend eating the wreath :)

Rene Perez said...

My candy never made it into wreath form. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You will never make a wreath if you can't stop eating the licorice Rene! :)

Jen said...

Amazingly creative! I'd never thought that licorice can be a work of art like this Thank you for sharing this idea. Awesome and perfect for the kids. We also did aPreschool Licorice Activity out of the same materials you used. You should check this out!
EarlyLearning.Momtrusted.comPreschool Licorice Activity

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