Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Folded Fan Turkey

Here is a fun, easy craft for thanksgiving decoration. He can be made to look so many different ways depending on the paper pattern you choose.

Materials Needed:
Scrapbook paper, printed computer paper, wrapping paper (if thick enough), I purchased what you see at the dollar store, I got two packs of printed computer paper and a pack of scrapbook paper.
Brown, Red, Yellow, and Orange Foam Sheets
Thin wooden hearts (I purchased these at Michaels for $.25 each)
Googly Eyes
Tacky Glue

Now who doesn't remember how to make a hand folded fan? Hopefully everybody knows what I'm talking about here. The photo will show you somewhat how it is done. Start your folding on the shorter side of your paper, folding back and forth until you run out of paper to fold. When you get to the last fold, hold it flat and then fold the whole thing in half and squeeze it and crease it good at the fold. Let it open up some and using your tacky glue, glue the two center end pieces together and press it all together again like you did when you creased it, I put a book on it for about 2 minutes to make sure it was glued. I failed to get a photo of the folding and glueing process, but I will add a photo if anybody doesn't get what I'm trying to accomplish here.

Hold your fan to the end of your brown foam sheet and just make a mark about 1/2 inch above the fan. Draw the shape of a fat, flat bottomed bowling pin (see the photo above) as tall as the mark you made on the foam. Cut out your turkey body.

Trace the wooden heart onto your orange foam sheet and cut out the shape and glue over the wooden heart. Glue your fan to the center of your heart base. Glue the googly eyes on your turkey head, cut out a yellow foam triangle and a red foam tear drop shape and glue on as shown below. Glue your finished turkey body right in front of the fan on the heart base.

I just love this turkey, and each paper pattern you choose will look different than the next. The first photo shows you how each turkey turned out with the different papers. Holly made the turkey on the right. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kemi & Holly Doran

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