Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reindeer Magnet Clips

I thought up these cute little reindeer since my turkey magnet clips were so popular, so here are the Reindeer Magnet Clips.

Materials Needed:
Foam sheets in Brown or Tan Shades or Black
Sheet of Paper and a Pencil or Pen
Googly Eyes
Small Red Pom Pom
Small Jingle Bell
Glue Gun or Tacky Glue
Magnet Strips

Using your sheet of paper and pen or pencil draw your pattern, the face is a large circle with a smaller circle for the mouth area of your reindeer, it is approximately 2-1/2 inches tall and 2 inches wide. You can use a compass if you like or a jar lid it it's small enough or maybe you have a good eye. For the antler pattern I drew what looked like a cactus, probably because I used green paper. It is approximately 2-1/2 inches long and 1-1/2 inches wide. Cut out your patterns and trace with a pen onto your foam sheets as you see below.

Using your scissors, cut out your foam pieces. I also cut out small football shapes of the same color as your reindeer face for ears. You will see them in the photo below.

Glue your reindeer face onto your clothespin leaving about 1/2 inch at the bottom to glue on a jingle bell. I found that googly eyes look best when placed right next to each other. My first attempt at these reindeer clips I spaced them apart and he looked like an angry reindeer, LOL. So glue your googly eyes next to each other and glue on your pom pom nose. Glue your ears behind the top of the reindeer face as shown above.

Next glue your reindeer antlers behind and between your clothespin and the ears you glued on already. You may need to trim them at the bottom some if you like to make them easier to glue and not overlap the clothespin. You want them glued to the back of the foam face, not the clothespin.

All you need to add now is a jingle bell, glue it just below the face onto the clothespin. If you have self-sticking magnet strips just cut off about an inch or so and stick to the back of your clothespin or glue on if it's not self-stick. These were fun to make and they look cute on my refrigerator.

Kemi Doran


Sandra said...

Wonderful craft. We are going make these! I enjoy reading your blog for great craft ideas to do with my children.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sandra, we would love to see them after you are finished, would you send us a photo?

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