Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reed Oil Diffuser

A Dollar Store Craft

This is a nice house warming and holiday gift that we mommies and school age kids can easily make and have several done for those last minute gifts. Be creative in packaging for that extra special personal touch.

The Dollar Tree carries these items:
Bamboo Skewers (cut down to 7 to8 inches and file smooth)
Or Corn (Elote) Sticks, these are already the best length
Liquid Potpourri (at my store these are huge, 33 oz.)
As a gift - look for small oil containers
Small Glass Globe
Small Glass Pebbles

For Your House:

Clean the container well. When dry place about 1 to 2 inches of glass pebbles into the glass. Place in as many sticks that looks right to you and arrange. Now is the last time you can adjust the length without making a mess. Take the sticks out again before adding the oil. Pour in the oil in to about 1 and a half inch. Replace and arrange the sticks. Place in a nice location that isn’t in a high traffic zone. As the scent fades after a couple weeks you may refresh simply by turning over the sticks. I gave my sister one last year and it lasted a long while. Sometimes she would pour in more oil, I think she got a year out of her diffuser and the oils I sent with the gift.

Oil Diffuser as a Gift:

Michaels, Jo Ann and craft stores carry oil fragrances in the flower department. They are small, about 1.5 fl oz. and very good. At the dollar stores you might consider the little auto spray fragrances, these are very strong too. Creatively wrap the items and include instructions for use. I made these for my siblings last Christmas.

Reeds or bamboo skewers will sometime have sharp points. Use a nail file to make blunt. If your sticks are too long to look nice, cut and then file to smooth.

Victoria Swanson

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