Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dollar Store Christmas Wreath

All the materials used to create this lovely Christmas wreath were purchased at the Dollar Tree, you can find most of this at any local .99 cent store or dollar store. There is no end to the possibilities you can create here by purchasing different material combinations. I purchased a wreath base that needed alot of molding and bending but looks pretty decent, small red poinsettias bunch, white snow frosted holly leaves and berries, red snow frosted holly leaves and berries, gold wired garland with red and gold glass ball clusters and gold berries. I already had in my crafts stash the large jingle bells, left-over from the jingle bell doorknob hangers, and the wire edged christmas ribbon from a project last year. Total cost of this wreath would be approximately $5.00.

I started my wreath with the pointsettias. Clip the flowers off the stems individually or in clusters, I used clusters of three. Using a glue gun, glue them as you wish onto your wreath base or as I have shown below.

Next I added some of the wired gold garland and the gold berries stemming out from my poinsettias, but you can do what you want, it's your creation. You may be working with completely different materials, so just go crazy.

I added the white snow frosted berries and some of the red glittered holly leaves and the red and gold glass ball clusters.

Last I added the red snow frosted berries and the white snow frosted holly leaves. You could say you are finished at this point, but we can do a little better by adding a bow and a jingle bell.

I have this wreath hanging on my fireplace right now among the stockings and garland, it adds a great touch and was extremely easy to make! Hope you have a great Holiday!

Kemi Doran


Rene Perez said...

Are you kidding me? I would never guess that that only cost $5! WOW! I need to go check out my Dollar Tree!

Anonymous said...

I buy just about everything at the Dollar Tree or the Nothing Over 99 Cents Store. You should definately check out your dollar store!

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